SH05191 x Alabama 2010

SH05191 x Alabama Clutch of 2010

We first acquired Alabama from Bushmasters as a spectacular and unique neonate.

She is a relatively calm snake but once the lights go out, watch your fingers! We have been searching for a male to reinforce her phenotype and think we've found it in Jester.

  • Male "Jester" on loan from Shiloh Hawkesworth introduced on October 20, 2009 in concert with the arrival of a low pressure system. No immediate activity observed. Still no activity as of 11/15.

  • Jester replaced by Cusco on loan from Eddie Aste on 11/22, courtship behavior observed immediately but no copulation.

  • Cusco remove on 11/26 as Alabama approaches shed.

  • Alabama shed, now Cusco is opaque! 12-7-09

  • Cusco showed initial courtship behavior, then nothing. In a last effort not to waste the cycle, SH05191, a "Carolina" blue line male, was introduced and copulation was observed immediately.

  • Copulation continues with SH05191 as of 12-31-09

  • Female is off feed as of 1-10-10

  • Ovulation observed on 2-10-10

  • Pre-lay shed on 3-7-10

  • 24 beautiful eggs and no slugs laid on March 28, 2010

  • 19 reds and 3 yellows hatched out on May 18-22, 2010

Here are images of some of the offspring