Blue Line Chondros

I'd juice a smurf and gutload my feeders if I could.

EA06013vi "Cimbaby"

(EA06013vi) Eddie Aste Cimber X Blue Streak

Deceased 2014

Click here for picture of Cimber


Photos by, and used with permission from Rico Walder.

This male was produced by a Trooper Walsh "Carolina" blue line male and a PNG female. He is a full sibling to the famous male, SH05188.

He is being paired with the outstanding Burke Arfak in 2009.Clutch Page.

Paired to Alabama, BM Aru x Biak, in 2010. Clutch Page.

Paired to a BM Aru in 2011, producing Manson. Clutch Page.

Bred to Theia (2009 JEMS Arfak OC), producing a small clutch in 2015

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