Manokwari Chondros

One of my favorites, they have stunning blue dorsal striping and intense green bodies. Additionally, Manokwaris may have significant dorsal white flecking. Both red and yellow neonates are produced in wild and captive populations. We are currently working with a small and genetically diverse group and hope to produce red neos in the future. Map of Manokwari area

Female MV0705

Acquired from Bushmasters.

Being bred to our Divis red Sorong Male, Banin, in 2009. No eggs.

Paired with male MV0715 in 2011/12 in hopes of producing a pure Manokwari clutch with red neos.


Male MV0715

As a red neonate

We purchased this animal from Bushmasters as a red Manokwari neonate in 2007.

Sired a clutch with "Poudre" (unknown Mainland type) in the 2010/11 season.


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