Manson x Theia 2014 Clutch

We are please to present the pairing of two of the best animals Colorado Chondros has produced. Manson was produced from SH05191 (Carolina Blue/PNG) and a beautiful BM Aru. Theia is a 2009 Arfak OC from the Clockwork Reptile Co's Blue Arfak, owned by Ryan Burke. We are thrilled to work with Ryan again for this epic clutch.

Copulation was observed many times from November 1 - December 24, 2013.

Ovulation April 12, 2014

Ovoposition May 26, 2014


JEMS1409 - Deceased



JEMS1412- Available $2,000

in shed

JEMS1413-Available $2,250

JEMS1414- NA

JEMS1415- NA

JEMS1416- NA

JEMS1417- Available $3,000, going black, update soon.

JEMS1418- Available to experienced keeper $2,000