2011/12 Breeding Projects

Breeding Projects for the 2011-12 Season

Green Tree Pythons

We think this could be a very important year for us and we're very excited about these pairings. They represent the core of our collection, and the goal of our long term breeding focus.

F2 Arubiak

We love Arubiaks! This year we're hoping to refine some lines by breeding our 2005 Bushmasters Aru x Biak female "Alabama" with a 2006 Bushmasters Aru x Biak male. Alabama was a red neonate and the male was a yellow.

Female laid 21 fertile eggs and no slugs in January!

Hatch is expected around the Ides of March.

19 eggs hatched around March 16th, and two fully formed neos were DOA. Most are reds.


Probably our favorite locality type, Manokwaris will capture anyone's attention with bright blue dorsal markings surrounded by illuminating green. We're pairing our female with heavy blue and white markings that was a yellow neonate to our lovely Red Manok male. Both animals were hand picked from Bushmasters.

Female died due to respiratory infection during cycling.

Cimbaby x Burke Blue Arfak

If you're in the know, then you know.

Female is about to have her prelay shed as of 2.6.12.

21 eggs laid with no slugs, 3 were outside the beehive and did not survive. The other 18 look great! Hatch is expected in late April.

Banin x Poudre

We're trying a late season pairing with two of our best blue patterned animals. Banin is a red sorong from Divis Reptiles and Poudre is an mainland type animal originating from Bushmasters. Both animals have outstanding blue markings and were red neos. Copulation occurred immediately and continuously following introduction.

As of April 12, we're not too hopeful, but will certainly try again next year!