2012/13 Breeding Season

Colorado Chondros' Breedings for 2012/13

Banin x CRC Arfak

A repeat of the 2008 pairing has yielded 24 outstanding neos for us in 2013. Most of the clutch will be made available. Link to Clutch Page.

SH05191 x Alabama (Aru x Biak)

The first clutch from these two produced some truly amazing animals, including a 99% high yellow and a HY melanistic animal along with several other HYs.

Update: SLUGS!!!

F2 Kofiau x Biak Pairing

We are using a high yellow male that was a yellow neo from Signal Herp produced from a SH Biak paired to Gary Schiavino's infamous Black-headed Canary. The dam is a Kofiau x Biak personally selected by me from Bushmasters as a orange neonate.

Our female laid twelve large eggs in April.

Colorado Chondros is proud to announce we have hatched the first clutch of USCB F2 Kofiau x Biaks! 100% hatch yielded 12 gorgeous neos, 5 red/orange and 7 yellows. These are large babies!


We should be producing L.m.thayeri, L.t.hondurensis (hypos and tangerine albinos), and L.t.gaigeae in 2013.