Kofiau Island Chondros

These spectacular animals hail from Kofiau Island, off the northwest coast of West Papuan, near Misool, Waigeo, and Sorong. The common name, Canary Chondros, is derived from their color, they are not from the Canary Islands. For years, controversy and debate surrounded these dynamic locality animals. Today is no different. The chondro community is still waiting to see if CB Kofiaus will stay yellow, or go green, and how many. Regardless, both yellows and greens are spectacular animals. All of mine turned green at about the same "time," the 450 gram mark. Several keepers including myself have observed them changing color seasonally.

We no longer work with any Kofiaus or Kofiau crosses.


Female is being bred to PNG male EA03048vi in 2009.


Female is being bred to HW aru male MV0707 in 2009.


Female is being bred to a red neo Jaya male in 2009.

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