Cool sites, breeders, partners, etc. highly recommended by Chondrolorado


Signal Herpetoculture: What else can I say that hasn't already been said? Rico Walder is the Lord of Chondros! He also has a palate for fine beers, a genuine willingness to help, and tolerance for the quirky members of the Chondro Coalition. Oh yeah, his animals are amazing!

RIP Lord Walder.

Morelia Creations: Eddie Aste is a great guy, with a spectacular collection also located here in Colorado. While diverse, his collection is certainly well represented by his penchant for yellow chondros. He has also been a wonderful mentor to many aspiring chondro breeders such as myself. He is a member of the Chondro Coalition as well. Eddie no longer has an active collection, but much useful information may be found on his site.

High Plains Herpetoculture: Located in Colorado, Tom and Rob are both great people. Tom works at the Denver Zoo and is very active in conservation efforts of Central American amphibians. They have great animals, especially if you're looking for rare species or new blood. They have taken very good care of me, and I'm sure they'll do the same for you.

Clockwork Reptile Company: Another Colorado breeder, Ryan Burke produces stunning leopard geckos and offers some spectacular boa constrictors and chondros. Find him on Facebook!

Rocky Mountain Reptile Expo: This is pretty much the only reptile show in the Rocky Mountains. There are some cool breeders and great animals available at the show.

VMS Herps: Sean is one of the best out there, and a great fisherman to boot!


Morelia viridis Forum: This is the best GTP forum out there as far as I'm concerned. You'll find lively discussions, helpful people, and amazing photos. Most of the best breeders of GTPs participate on this forum.

Morelia python Community: Great site for the carpet fanatics.


Rodent Pro: Source of all my feeders.

Midwest Tongs: Hooks, tongs, scales, probes, etc.

Reptile Basics: Rich has the best prices, service, and turn around.

Animal Plastics: Best racks for the money in my opinion.