Terms of Sale

Please note - Failure to read the terms, whether accidental or intentional, will not, under any circumstances, be a reason to consider them void or altered.

Know your local and state laws regarding possessing reptile species. You are responsible for knowing if the species purchased are legal in your area.

Health Guarantee

All of our animals are healthy and feeding at the time of shipment and should continue to do so. You have 48 hours after delivery to contact us with any problems you have. If you have difficulty with feeding or suspect any health problems please contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best to help you. We cannot guarantee the health of animals that have been out of our care for longer than 48 hours as we cannot guarantee the husbandry skills/experience of others.

Note on Green Tree Pythons:

I only sell chondros that are healthy and feeding for me (unless specifically stated otherwise), a change in environment, shipping, etc. can be enough to disrupt a chondro's feeding habits. It is assumed that you possess the skills to get a non-feeding chondro back to feeding. I will always gladly offer any suggestions and tips should the need arise.

Shipping Policy

We guarantee live arrival when temperatures are between 40 - 88 degrees F along the entire shipping route. The buyer must be there to sign for the delivery on the first delivery attempt or all terms/guarantees are void.

We are certified to ship live animals through FedEx. Arrangements can be made to ship very valuable animals via Delta Dash, though this option will incur additional fees.

All packages shipped via FedEx must be sent to a business address or be held at a FedEx location for "Hold At" delivery. Shipping rates are averaging in excess of $75 as of Spring 2011, and significantly more for adult animals.

Shipping costs are non-refundable.

Sexing Policy

Green Tree Pythons

Unless otherwise specified all of our hatchling arboreals are unsexed. In an effort to avoid selling animals with kinked vertebrae we do not sex hatchlings. We will sex animals that are above 100 grams by probing.


Hatchlings are "popped" to determine sex, older animals are probed.

Sexing Guarantee

Purchaser has 30 days to verify the sex of animals purchased. In the event an animal has been incorrectly sexed by us, we will offer a replacement animal (if available), credit, or a refund at our discretion.


Payment must be received in full, including shipping costs if applicable, before animals can be picked up or shipped. I accept payment through USPS money orders, certified checks, and Paypal. I only accept credit card payments through Paypal (contact me for address).

Payment plans available. 25% deposit, full balance due 60 days from day of deposit payment. The 25% deposit is non-refundable if balance is not paid in full by the 60 day deadline unless specific documented arrangements are made prior to the deadline. All other payments in excess of the deposit are also nonrefundable, however deposits/payments may be transferred to a different animal upon approval by me. If you enter an agreement to purchase an animal you are expected to fulfill your obligation.

They are no refunds for live animal purchases.

Shipping and PayPal fees are non-refundable.

Last Edited September 28, 2011