Mixed Lineage Chondros

Mutts, Crosses, Outcrosses, etc.

MV0605, 2005 Female Aru x Biak


We purchased this amazing specimen from our friends Tom Weaver and Rob Stone of High Plains Herpetoculture and RhinoRats.com in 2006. She was a Bushmasters import from their Indonesian farm. Even as a neonate she was striking and unique with orange diamonds on a deep red, almost black, body.

She produced a large clutch of neos in the 2009/10 breeding season with a PNG/Carolina blue line male, SH05191. Link to Clutch Page.

Bred to another BM Aru x Biak (2006) in 2011/12 producing the first US F2 Arubiaks!

Repeat breeding to SH05191 in 2012/13 producing 24 infertile slugs and 1 questionable egg.

MV0613, 2006 Female Aru x Biak


This unique chondro was also acquired from Bushmasters as a neonate. She was part of a group of Arubiaks that included several outstanding chondros, including "Whiteout," owned by Shane Snyder. She has soft creamy pastels accented by gleaming turquoise flanks. Her name comes from Pliny the Elder's description of turquoise in The Natural History of Pliny.

We are hoping to pair her with a designer male in 2010.

Deceased, Summer 2010 while on breeding loan.


"Darth Walder"

Here's another spectacular animal born on Signal Mountain. He was part of a mite-phase clutch sired by male SH02126 (GM Pygar x Blue Diamond) by female SH03032 (TW x PNG). There are some great genes under those black and green scales.

As a yearling As a neonate

Sold, out of collection.

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