2009/2010 Breeding Projects

Updated July 28, 2010

Green Tree Pythons (Morelia viridis)

SH05191 x Alabama

We first acquired Alabama from Bushmasters as a spectacular and unique neonate.

Alabama has developed into a stunning HY adult with black scales throughout. Her ontogenic change has been fantastic to watch.

She is a relatively calm snake but once the lights go out, watch your fingers! We have been searching for a male to reinforce her phenotype and think we've found it in Jester.

  • Male "Jester" on loan from Shiloh Hawkesworth introduced on October 20, 2009 in concert with the arrival of a low pressure system. No immediate activity observed. Still no activity as of 11/15.

  • Jester replaced by Cusco on loan from Eddie Aste on 11/22, courtship behavior observed immediately but no copulation.

  • Cusco remove on 11/26 as Alabama approaches shed.

  • Alabama shed, now Cusco is opaque! 12-7-09

  • Cusco showed initial courtship behavior, then nothing. In a last effort not to waste the cycle, SH05191, a "Carolina" blue line male, was introduced and copulation was observed immediately.

  • Copulation continues with SH05191 as of 12-31-09

  • Female is off feed as of 1-10-10

  • Ovulation observed on 2-10-10

  • Pre-lay shed on 3-7-10

  • 24 beautiful eggs and no slugs laid on March 28, 2010

  • 19 reds and 3 yellows hatched out on May 18-22, 2010

SH05191 (Blueline/PNG) x Arfak

Here she is again, the well know Arfak girly on loan to us from Ryan Burke of Clockwork Reptile Company! The dame has produced some awesome animals that continue to develop.

This year we're pairing her with a Signal Herptoculture produced male. We're hoping he contributes some of the genetics seen in his UNREAL brother (SH05188). This male is the grandson of John Holland's "Mr. Blue" and Trooper Walsh's "Carolina."

Photo by, and used with permission from Rico Walder

  • Male introduced on October 20, 2009 in concert with the arrival of a low pressure system. Tail wrapping and possible copulation observed.

  • Nightly courtship activity observed through 12/8.

  • Female is very blue and swelling, 12-31-09

  • Female refused food on 1-10-10

  • Ovulation observed on 2-7-10

  • Pre-lay shed on 3-9-10

  • 28 beautiful eggs and no slugs laid on March 24. Initial candling shows excellent venation and strong embryos.

    • 23 awesome red neos hatched out May 16-20, 2010


Honduran Milksnakes (Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis)

  • Extreme Hypo x Hypo: Incubating

  • Aberrant Hypo x Hypo: Incubating

  • Tangerine Albino x Tricolor Albino: Incubating

  • Tangerine Albino x Tangerine Albino: Incubating

Black Milksnakes (Lampropeltis triangulum gaigeae)

Mandarin Ratsnakes

  • 4 hatched on July 13, 2010. All are feeding well.

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