Lampropeltis species

Lampropeltis triangulum gaigeae (Black Milksnake)

Black milks are the largest of the milksnakes, reaching lengths over six feet. They exhibit stunning iridescence. Even more unusual, they begin life as tri-color neonates and gradually morph over two years to black adults.

Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis (Honduran Milksnake)

I've been fascinated by the colors of hondos since I was a child. My favorite morph is definately the hypomelanistic tangerine, with tangerine albino being a close second.

Lampropeltis leonis (Variable or Thayer's Kingsnake)

The common names for these snakes are almost as numerous as their color morphs. Our collection is composed of animals from both Vivid and Applegate stock, mostly orange leonis phase. We recently added some melanistic animals to our collection as well. We regularly produced thayeri offspring.

Lampropeltis greeri (Durango Mountain/Greer's Kingsnake)

We've been producing these animals for several years now. We've tried to maintain a bloodline of green backround animals with deep red saddles. These are gentle snakes with a very strong feeding response once started. We no longer work with greeri and our colony is now in the very capable care of Sean Niland at VMS herps. Please contact Sean if you are looking for greeri.

Elaphe mandarina (Mandarin Ratsnake)

When Tom Weaver first introduced me to these animals I was blown away. The samurai-like head markings are spectacular! These animals are truly unique in the herp world. Our breeding stock came from Tim Gebhard at Vivid Reptiles. We are no longer working with any species of Elaphe