Aru Chondros

White, green, and blue, most chondro lovers melt at the site of a high-white Aru. If I could only breed the high-white phenotype true! Unfortunately, the high-white of wild caught Arus rarely translates to their CB offspring. Map of Aru Island. We are currently working with a small group of pure captive bred arus and hope to produce more in a few years.

Male MV0707

Acquired from Bushmasters in 2007 as a subadult.

Being bred to a Kofiau female in 2009. No offspring produced.

Paired to MV0610 in 2009/10, produced 20 pure arus.

Deceased while on loan in 2015.

Female MV0610

Acquired from a local pet store, originally from Bushmasters.

Bred to Aru male MV0707 in 2009/10, producing 20 neonates.

Bred to SH05191 in 2010/11, produced 16 offspring including a rotten banana. Clutch Page.

Deceased 2012 from RI associated with breeding stress.

Female Bader Aru, on loan from Nick Bader

Paired with Banin (mainland) in 2008. Clutch produced 19 offspring. Link to clutch page.

Repeat pairing attempt with Banin in 2010.

Deceased, April 11, 2010

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