Morelia viridis pairings for 2011

Updated May 21, 2011

SH05191 x Aru (MV0610)

Combining the genetics of a PNG/Carolina Blue line male from a famous clutch with a lovely pure Aru female from Bushmasters.  This male has produced several melanistic animals for us and is a sibling to Rico Walder's outstanding male SH05188.

Red Manokwari (MV0715) x Poudre (MV0704)

Both animals were red neonates and have amazing blue dorsal and lateral markings.

Other Species Pairings for 2011

We have eggs from:
  • Irian Jaya carpet pythons
  • Two different clutches of L.m.thayeri.  Both are VR x VR/Applegate pairings.
We are hoping to produce:
  • Black Milks (L.t.gaigeae)
  • Tangerine Albino Hondurans
  • Extreme Hypo Hondurans
  • Hypo Hondurans