Arfak Clutch 2008

This clutch produced 5 outstanding hatchlings on June   

The female is an outstanding BM arfak on loan from Ryan Burke of Clockwork Reptiles

Dam: Burke Arfak                                          Sire- Banin                                             Copulation

                   Ovulation                                          Ovoposition


  •  Male was introduced on 9/23 in concert with a large low pressure system. 
  • Ovulation began 1-21-08
  • Pre-lay shed on 2-18-08
  • Female entered the nest box on 3-03-08
  • Nine large eggs laid on 3-9-08, unfortunately not all were perfectly calcified.  Two died during incubation as of 4-4-08.
  • 5 amazing red hatchlings emerged on 5-9-08!

2008 Arfak outcross hatchlings JEMS0820-JEMS0824